Project Types



New ground-up or re-imaging, the team at PM Design Group, Inc. has it covered. 


Retail Corporate roll-out development programs are our specialty. 


See why major Telecom Companies rely on PM Design Group.




Banking design and construction  have very similar characteristics to traditional retail projects. 




Alternative fuel is here! Bio-Diesel, E-85 and Hydrogen are being installed everywhere! If you are operating a service station without incorporating alternative fuel, you are missing an important and significant opportunity to serve environmentally conscious consumers. Our team of fueling experts are always up to date with the latest codes and regulations to get your alternative fuel project out of the ground.



Underground fuel design for today’s technology and tomorrow's innovations. Air Resources Boards and Environmental Health Departments have become more stringent on the installation and components used to develop fuel stations and the regulations are only getting tougher. Our fueling design experts meet regularly with these jurisdictions and are often the “sounding board” prior to implementation of new regulations.




Underground storage tank removal can be an overwhelming process with the myriad of air quality and environmental health agency approval's required. Our team of experts has decades of experience working with each agency and understands the process to maintain compliance and obtain all required permits for removal. At PM Design Group, Inc., we can also coordinate all necessary environmental assessment reports and remediation specialists that may be needed to ensure compliance with government standards.



Sustainability matters in today’s retail environment. Your customers demand a conscious effort to keep our environment clean. Our team of environmental experts is always up to date with the latest codes and regulations to keep your company “GREEN” while  developing your project.

Storm Water, Water Quality and Air Quality Management is a significant responsibility with construction practices. At PM Design Group, Inc., we will help you maintain compliance for tomorrow’s future.


ADA Compliance


Barrier Free design is regulated by both state and federal agencies. Many times, state regulations are more stringent than federal guidelines, which can and do change on a regular basis. Rest assured our staff is always up to date on the latest standards. The liability concerns for existing public buildings and site elements are very real and are tested on a daily basis by barrier free advocate groups. An after the fact determination of non-compliance can be very costly and time consuming. Addressing barrier free accommodations proactively can help avoid expensive lawsuits.



Our compliance investigation reports are a quick and inexpensive way to mitigate potential lawsuits down the road. Our staff will visit your site and perform a complete analysis of the facility and provide documentation for any area that is not in compliance. After the evaluation is complete, we prepare a summary which indicates the areas of liability concern and provide recommendations on which areas should be addressed immediately and which areas can be addressed in the future, which can mitigate expensive lawsuits.